Thank you loves, for celebrating this day with me. Had a good laugh at old time jokes and a nice catch up too. 😘 (P.s. @Cheryl, ChangLia , @uniquedstar , Enquan, Nicholas, and Yeong Chai Thanks for the effort for making time to meet up!) 😉

😁 2nd round. This time w mom and sis. (at 126 搵到食)

Thank you @charmainechow , @viviengohhh , @cheryxl for celebrating my day in advance for me! Dinner was crazy and dessert was nice! 😍 I love the gift and the cake! Thank you!!! 😘😘


😔 I hate waiting.

With babe, @cherylnpx (at Supply & Demand Orchard Gateway)

Shhh.. some things are not meant to be said..

中秋之夜,怎能少了 灯笼呢?祝大家 中秋节快乐! 😊😘