Snows.. I miss snow and cold weather.. #throwback #reminiscing

Tried out #GoogleGlass just now! This is awesome!! Can’t wait for it! (at Suntec Convention Hall 401)

Sum up my day: it’s fun and loving!

Whenever I go visit him, and I dont know how he knows, he will wake up from his sleep to play w me. And I love love love the way he looks at me like this.. He turns, look, and laugh.. 😍😘

Did this just now. 😁

Tried that korean instant noodles @charmainechow introduced to me. Too spicy that my lips feel a little swollen and saw that red spot above my lip? That’s the result of that spiciness too!!

P.s. my mom’s lips is also burning red and swollen. 😂😂


Relaxing place! 😍 (at Woods Emily Hill)

Being healthy.. 😂😂 #icewater (at Woods)

Relax, it’s only #gingerale. (at KPO Cafe Bar)