Went to have my feet done! This color is decided by the manicurist. Nice?

And omg, I cannot stop thinking my toes look like peanuts!! 😂😂😂 (at 4or Nails)

Lunch at S&D. Got to say this tiramisu is damn nice! Hard to find a good tiramisu. 😍😍 (at Supply & Demand Orchard Gateway)

Saw Fatty and Axcel just now in the evening. And I’ve got to say, Fatty has grown rounder! But it’s so cute!!

Last Saturday. 😍😍 (at Ssiksin Korean Bbq Tampines 1)

It’s Friday night! Catching up with my small Pinoy! (at Alley Bar)

Thank you Robin Williams for bringing so much laughters to people. RIP. 😢

Summary of today: 😍. The last time where the 5 of us meet up, was 6 months ago. I miss all of them! With them ard, laughters is never too far away. 😜😘 (at Orchard Road)

The result of being careless. 😪😪 A sprained ankle.

😘 (at Krispy Kreme Tangs Orchard Road)